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The Power Combo: Keys to Success

In a recent WISE Academy class, we had an opportunity to discuss the distinctions between knowledge and skill, and the importance of mastering both to truly excel in a specific profession. The point of the discussion was to identify the distinction between both, and talk about ways in which each of us can increase one or both to make us individually more successful in whatever our endeavor.

It got me thinking personally about my own efforts to achieve pure blissful perfection in my own daily life and profession. I quickly came to the conclusion that 1) I’ll never achieve pure blissful perfection, and 2) that there are actually two more critical elements necessary to bringing great success to our efforts. As my world tends to revolve around sales & marketing, I tested my newfound theory on a variety of direct marketing or otherwise endeavors and came to find that they still hold true.

So here it is. To be truly successful, there are 4 critical elements that must come together:

•     Knowledge: OR information gained through education
•     Skill: OR adeptness gained through practice
•     Discipline: OR consistency and efficiency gained through process
•     Passion: OR motivation to pursue any or all of the above


Now I don’t believe that pure mastery of each must be accomplished if one is to be “successful”. Nor do I believe there needs to be a pure balance in weighting for each element. In fact, I actually think that different weightings may be applicable for different career paths, or different life stages; and that success can be had for those distinct stages without balanced weighting.
For instance:

  • Some people are just insanely passionate about what they do. And that passion is entirely infectious – to the point that people begin to follow those people and a sense of fame or ‘success’ comes with that following.  Take Gary V.
  • Or, some people have absolutely mastered a certain skill and while they clearly have passion behind their practice, the skill is what drives their success. Take Jashaun Agosto.
  • Or, some people simply own the world with their amazing depth of knowledge in specific or focused areas. TakeSteven Hawking.

Now, none of the above examples demonstrate that any of the people mentioned lack the other 3 key elements identified. I simply mean to imply that there may be a different weighting of one element over another and they each – no doubt – worked hard in their endeavors to bring the other 3 elements into the fold.

Think about it in terms of your own position or career path, or life stage. Success – no matter how you define it for yourself – seems to be achieved most effectively with these 4 primary elements. If you want to achieve greater success – no matter what your definition – it’s worth looking at each of these and identifying how you might be able to elevate one, two or each of them…

Or perhaps it’s time to consider a change.

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